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Intro To Tracking

Intro To Tracking*

For all ages

Tracking is an activity any dog can do and that most enjoy.

Tracking utilizes the extraordinary senses that dogs possess, in particular, their sense of smell. It is an excellent, mentally stimulating, and stress-relieving exercise for dogs and is especially great for those high-energy pups that just can’t squeeze enough activity into a day.


Tracking is imperative for high drive dogs with an unfulfilled work ethic. It is effective as a tool to build confidence in those with insecurities, as well as an amazing therapy for fearful dogs.

Some dogs, because of their genetic background, may pick it up faster or have a greater desire to track than other breeds but they all have the instinct and if a dog has a nose we can teach them to track.

Unlike Obedience, where the handler gives instructions, in tracking the dog is in charge.

What we offer is an introductory tracking course to see if this fun activity is something you and pup are interested in pursing.

Please fill out this form to get added to the waitlist. Once you are signed up for the waitlist you will receive and email with more info!

All classes include 5 tracking sessions and are limited to 3-4 dogs per class.

$150 +tax

*Please note these classes are held seasonally

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