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Private Sessions

Private training for you and your puppy! We will go over the basic skills your puppy will need to be successful in our human centric world as well as any other special training requests you may have.


Making sure your dog is comfortable throughout the grooming process is our #1 goal.

These Sessions are gears towards introducing the grooming process in a cooperative way to help your dog learn that it doesn't have to be a struggle


You're getting a puppy!!! But where do you start? With our Proactive Puppy package, you will gain access to me before even bringing your new family member home. Together we will figure out what you will need to have a fun first few weeks before training starts!


Need Help sooner or with an adult (6mo and up) dog?

I currently work exclusively with puppy (8wk-6mo) clients but I'm rooting for you and your dog! Below is a list of excellent trainers that might be able to help you out, I've included special recommendations if you believe you may be struggling with a Separation Anxiety case.


Canine Connection Dog Training

Quincey Ross

Kamloops, BC

Sit Pretty Behaviour and Training

Vanessa Charbonneau

Prince George, BC


Bravo Dog Training and Behaviour

Renée Erdman

North Vancouver, BC


Kat, Behaviour Tech

Katherine Schwarz

Ottawa, ON


Q&A Dog Training

Masina Kakese

Dunbar, BC

Separation Anxiety


Alpine Dogs

Saundra Clow



Your Senior Dog

Saffrina Rice


Happy Training!

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