Grooming Services

My goal is to provide excellent care for your Pups in a clean, relaxed, and friendly environment. ​​

Part of how I accomplish a calm and relaxing groom is by giving myself the time to do so. If rushed, the experience can lead to a stressful experience for your pup, and end up resulting in a sub-par groom. I take my time adjusting to the needs of each individual dog, and some may need more time than others. especially, but not limited to, Puppies, seniors, nervous dogs, and dogs with disabilities.


Dogs that come in with matted coats or with sensitive skin issues also slow and careful attention.

Because each pup can differ so much, grooming prices will vary depending on the breed, size, coat condition, and temperament of your pup.​

For current grooming rates, please call or e-mail me!

-Salon currently being built -