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Grooming Services

My goal is to provide excellent care for your pups in a clean, relaxed, and friendly environment. ​​

Part of how I accomplish a calm and relaxing groom is by giving myself the time to do so. If rushed, the experience can lead to a stressful experience for your pup, and end up resulting in a sub-par groom. I take my time adjusting to the needs of each individual dog, and some may need more time than others. especially, but not limited to, Puppies, seniors, nervous dogs, and dogs with disabilities.


Dogs that come in with matted coats or with sensitive skin issues also slow and careful attention.

Because each pup can differ so much, grooming prices will vary depending on the breed, size, coat condition, and temperament of your pup.​

For current grooming rates, please e-mail me!

We are not currently accepting new  dog grooming clients. Please fill out the form below if you would like to be added to our waitlist and notified when our books reopen.

*please note that I am unable to give any timeline on when I may be able to take a new client on*


The whole kit and kaboodle! We'll make sure your pup leaves the salon looking fabulous!


Working with me, I will cover the basics of grooming so that you are able to maintain their groom for longer.


We will hit all the basics in this groom! It's a great refresh to make sure your dog doesn't end up too matted!


The stuff that you don't necessarily want to do yourself, but it needs to be done, but it's also not a full groom. That stuff.


Slowly introduce the grooming process to your puppy at a rate that is comfortable for them!


Making sure your dog is comfortable throughout the grooming process is our #1 goal.

These Sessions are gears towards introducing the grooming process in a cooperative way to help your dog learn that it doesn't have to be a struggle

Dog Grooming Course


A self paced course that you can do on your own time covering the basics of the grooming process.

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