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Proactive Puppy Package

Proactive Puppy Package

Book your training BEFORE your puppy comes home

Bringing home a new puppy can be incredibly stressful, so why not take away some of the stress by having everything you need to set you and your puppy up for success BEFORE they come home​.

My proactive puppy package gives you access to a certified trainer throughout the entire process. Ask questions about what to expect, get fun training games you can start to play with them right away, and have the training set up and booked for when you need it.


Proactive Puppy Package  - $430 +tax

  • 1 - 30 minute virtual Q&A prior to your puppy coming home to answer any questions!

  • 5- 45 minute training sessions with you and your pup after their arrival home

  • Training games you can play with your puppy ASAP

  • Book recommendations

  • unlimited email correspondence during the time we are working together

  • 6 months access to my basic grooming maintenance course - From Knotted to Knock Out

  • A treat pouch and 2 clickers

I look forward to working with you and your new family member!

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