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Puppy Grooming Intro

Puppy Grooming Intro

Puppies 10-16 weeks of age with 2nd set of shots

For most of our pups, grooming is a regular and integral part of their lives and is important for their overall health and well-being. 
We want to work with you to help prepare your pup so they are more likely to understand what grooming is all about and enjoy a stress-free groom whenever they need it.

This package consists of:

3-4 pre-scheduled appointments within a 10 week timeframe so that we are able to gradually introduce your pup to everything involved in the grooming process.

6 months access to my online grooming maintenance course - From Knotted to Knock Out

1st groom:  Your Pup will receive a nail trim, ear cleaning, and introduction to brushing and combing. 

Length of time in the salon: 30 minutes 

2nd groom:  Pups will be introduced to the bath, blow dry, brush and comb out, and possible nails and ear cleaning again depending on how they are doing. 

Length of time in the salon: 1-1.5 hours

3rd groom/final groom for non-haircut pups:  All of the above, as well as introducing the sound of clippers and scissors. shaving out the sanitary areas and scissoring will be introduced around their feet and face.

Length of time in the salon: 1-2 hours

Last groom of puppy intro:  All of the above including a full-body haircut.

Length of time in the salon: 1-2 hours


Dogs that will NOT require a haircut : $200 +tax

Dogs that WILL require a haircut: $250 +Tax

Set up of appointments:

The first three appointments are all two weeks apart with the 4th being four weeks after the third

All Puppy Grooming Intro sessions MUST be booked in advance. Email to book.

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