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Bath & Tidies

Bath & Tidies

All ages with 2nd set of shots

This service is for any dogs that DO NOT require a haircut

Service Includes:  

Bath  |  Blow Dry  |  Tidy up of pads and sanitary areas  |  Nail clipping  |  Ear cleaning  |  Full body brush and comb out  |  Trimming of the feathers, belly, hocks, bum, ears, and tail (trimming is only done on request)

Length of time in the salon: 2-5 hours depending on the size of the dog, condition of coat, amount of coat, and temperament of your pup.

All prices are dependent on the individual dog.

Quotes can be given prior to groom but NO prices will be finalized until after I have seen, met and worked on your pup.

All grooming sessions MUST be booked in advance. Email to book.

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