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K9 Nose Work 

K9 Nose Work 

For all ages

K9 Nose work s a fun and creative game to play with your dog and helps you to tap into one of their strongest instincts; using their noses! Scent work is a great way to:

  • Tire out exuberant dogs

  • Help young dogs gain confidence

  • Help older dogs get mental stimulation and exercise without having to take long daily walks

  • Allow fearful dogs to partake in a fun new activity without fear of negative interactions as there is ZERO dog to dog interactions

  • Much more!

We offer Intro to K9 Nosework, Intro to Odour, and Continuing Odour Nosework classes. These classes are  typically ongoing, with a few breaks throughout the year to accommodate for weather. If you would like to participate you can follow the link below each class description to get added to the appropriate  waitlist. Once you are signed up for the waitlist you will receive an email with more info when our next set is about to start!

Recommended gear: 

(all gear is available for purchase at class sign up)

  • Back clipping harness (only used specifical for nosework)

  • 10-12ft long line

Housing of dogs during class: 

  • All dogs are to be kept in your vehicle during class, unless they are pottying or coming in for their run. 

  • If your dog needs support remaining in the vehicle it is recommended to bring someone to stay with them.

  • There is to be ZERO dog to dog contact, even if dogs already know each other

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Intro to K9 Nosework

  • 6 sessions of level 1 scent work during which your pup is taught how to use their nose to find primary(food) hides and introduced to all aspects of the game

  • 3 -5 dogs/class

  • Approx 1hr in length

  • Prerequisites : None

Intro to Odour

  • 6 sessions of scent work in which your pup begins to learn how to search for odour 

  • 3 -4 dogs/class

  • Approx 1hr in length

  • Prerequisites: completion of Northern Noses' Intro to K9 Nosework class

If you have taken an Intro to K9 nosework class under a different instructor please email me to see if you and your dog are the right fit for this class

Continuing Odour Drop in's

  • for any dogs on odour

  • 1 hour classes where you and your dog get to continue learning new and fun Scent Work challenges

  • 3-4 dogs/class

  • Prerequisites: completion of Northern Noses' Intro to Odour class

If you have taken any K9 nosework classes under a different instructor  please email me to see if you and your dog are the right fit for this class

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