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Learn how to maintain your dog's...







Have you always wanted to maintain a longer fluffy coat, but just can not seem to get rid of all those tangles? Are you tired of your dogs long nails scratching you up?

I created this course to help dog owners like you, have a better understanding of how to maintain their dogs coat, skin and nails between grooms.

This course will walk you through the proper techniques and equipment required to give you that salon fresh, tangle free dog you always wanted without leaving the house!

Who should take this course?*

dog being brushed

Pet parents looking to be able to confidently maintain their dogs hair, coat and nails between professional grooming sessions.


Pets who are already mostly comfortable with the grooming process.


Your dog is showing signs of fear or anxiety when being groomed at home, or at the groomers.  In this case I recommend reaching out to a certified trainer, and a fear free groomer to help.

Please stay tuned as I do hope to have something for you coming in the future!



  • 4 self paced modules leading you through how to properly bathe, dry, brush and trim your dogs nails

  • 6 month access to course from time of registration

  • Printable PDF handouts with additional information to support the information you receive in the modules

  • Video demonstrations of each grooming exercise we go over in the course

  • PRICE - $39 +tax CAD

Meet Your Course Creator:


Amy Atkinson

Amy has spent the past 10+ years honing her craft and as a Fear Free Certified Groomer, your dogs health and safety are her top priority. By sharing a few basic principles of the grooming process, Amy aims to help you gain confidence and make the "between grooms" stage more enjoyable for you and your pup!


"Before,I was really struggling to navigate the different grooming options for my dog at home, However, since taking from knotted to knock out, I feel more confident in choosing the correct tools for my dog"

I highly recommend this course to anyone with dogs! Amy covers the basics of at-home maintenance with a mix of videos, handouts, and quizzes that are fun and easy to follow. Incorporating her tips has made our care routine more enjoyable for my dogs and for me!

Amberly White
Professional Groomer

"From a professional groomers perspective, this mini course covers all of the fundamentals for providing top notch grooming practices at home (tips and tricks for bathing, blow drying, brushing, nail trimming, what tools to use, etc) I've gone through it myself and will recommend it to all of clients! It's so important to create a safe and happy grooming experience for every dog and I believe that starts at home. Thanks, Amy!

“What a fantastic course! I recommend this for all dog guardians and even more so for puppies to start them out in the right “paw”. Easy to understand information on all of the basics from products to basic techniques. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.”

Renee E.
Professional Dog Trainer

Adrienne E.
Professional Dog Trainer

Alyssa C.
Dog Agility Coach

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