Cat Training

Any Age

Yes, Cat training does exist, and not only is it very possible to train a cat, but it is incredibly fun and can greatly increase your bond with your kitty. We will help you teach your cat(s) fun and practical skills that can increase their activity, especially for those indoor cats, and even help you resolve any unwanted behaviours.

Some things you will learn:

- have your cat come when called

- teach your cat to go into and be comfortable in a kennel

- proper physical and mental stimulation

- how to walk your cat on a harness and leash

-and so much more


Consultation - $70/hour

Single Private Session -  $35/half an hour

Kitty Kindergarten :

                   Clicker training - $215 *             

                        1 half-hour how to use a clicker lesson 

                              6 half-hour training lessons

                               incl a treat pouch and clicker


            Currently, all Cat Sessions are only              being offered Virtually

* Since these classes are virtual if shipment of clicker and treat pouch is needed YOU are responsible for half the cost of shipping

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