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From Knotted to Knock Out

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A Basic Guide To Maintaining Your Dog Between Grooms Are you interested in learning how to maintain your dogs coat, skin and nails between grooming appointments? then this is the course for you! This self paced course will go over how to properly brush your dog, clip their nails and how to get your dog squeaky clean all within the comfort of your own home. THIS COURSE WAS DESIGNED FOR: Pet parents looking to be able to confidently maintain their dogs hair, coat and nails between professional grooming sessions. Pets who are already mostly comfortable with the grooming process. THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU IF: Your dog is showing signs of fear or anxiety when being groomed at home, or at the groomers. In this case I recommend reaching out to a certified trainer, and a fear free groomer to help. Please stay tuned as I do hope to have something for you coming in the future!

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