Obedience Training

For ALL Dogs

Scent Work is a fun and creative game to play with your dog and helps you to tap into one of their strongest instincts; using their noses!

  • Does your dog never seem to tire and could seemingly run a marathon every day? Scent work is a great way to mentally stimulate them so that they tire in a way you may never have thought possible!

  • Do you have a young dog that is struggling to focus, or perhaps a dog that just isn’t confident? Scent work can teach dogs to ignore distractions as they become engaged in their work! -Is your dog older and can no longer do those longer walks but still wants to be with you? Engage their brain and awaken their spirits with this fun and rewarding sport!

  • Do you have a reactive or fearful dog that you wish you could do some sort of activity with, without the fear of negative interactions with other dogs or people? Scent work has ZERO dog to dog interactions so even they can participate

Types of Classes


Intro to Scent work- $30/half an hour

Scent Work Starter Pack- $250*

  • 6 sessions of level 1 scent work during which your pup is taught how to use their nose to find primary(food) hides

  • Includes a harness, leash, and treat pouch*

Scent Work level 2 - $250*

  • 6 sessions of scent work in which your pup beings to learn how to search for odour 

  • Includes scent work boxes, scent vessels, and a jar of scented q-tips. everything you need to continue your scent work journey.*

Scent Work level 3 - $150

  • 6 sessions of scent work in which we add in new challenges, new locations, and new fun!

All Scent Work Sessions are available in both in-person privates and virtual classes

* If you wish only for the lessons and none of the extras all levels are $150.

*If shipping is required YOU are responsible for the shipping cost of the supplies 

Scent Work Trialing Organizations

K9 ABC Games   - k9abcgames.net

K9 Scenting Skills & Games - K9ssg.com 

Canine Work & Games -  c-wags.org/programs/scent/

Sporting Detection Dogs Association - sportingdetectiondogs.ca/