Puppy Life skills

for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months

Bringing home a new member of the family can be overwhelming, We at Northern Noses are dedicated to helping you get the right starting blocks to help that puppy grow into the well-mannered member that everyone can enjoy :) Some things you will learn:

- how to properly introduce your new puppy to any existing pets

- how to get started on your puppy's manners

- proper exercise and play

- how to teach your puppy to interact with other people and animals you don't live with

-and so much more

Private Sessions

Single Private Session -  $50/half an hour


Puppy Kindergarten- $175

  • 4 half-hour private sessions

  • focus on you, your dog, and your life together

  • only offered to Puppy Preschool Graduates


Puppy Privates Clicker training - $300

  • 1 half-hour how to use a clicker lesson

  • 6 half-hour training lessons

  • incl a treat pouch and  2 clickers*

*If shipping is required YOU are responsible for the shipping cost of the treat pouch and clicker

All Private Sessions are available in both

in-person and virtual private classes

Group CLasses

Puppy Preschool - $120

  • 4 hour long classes focusing on socialization, Normal Puppy Behaviour, Play, and Body Language

  • Max 5 puppies/class

  • held at local Vet Clinics within Kamloops

All Classes are offered in-person only