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K9 Nose Work

Presented by Lia Bijsterveld

K9 Nose Work

Presented by Lia Bijsterveld

Northern Noses' presents
K9 Nose Work

Presented by Lia Bijsterveld

Seminar Schedule

Saturday June 22nd


Driven to Distraction

9am - 12pm

Are containers getting you down? Do distractions make you and your teammate weak in the knees?Want to turn this element from terrifying to terrific? Then this seminar is for you!


In this working seminar we will:

  • Discuss different kinds of containers - material, shape, size, & height

  • Identify the different types of distractions used by different Scent Detection organizations

  • Observe the difference in your dog's behaviour when on odour & when encountering a distraction

  • Discuss patterns - Good or bad? For the dog or the handler?

  • Practice distractions by making odour the most valuable thing in the search area

  • Practice some "creative" handler moves ("proofing")


Dogs in working spots should be on odour and be able to work independently with unpaired hides.


From Ho-Hum to Wahoo!

1pm - 4pm

Do you:

  • Like to lead the search and do it your way?

  • Like telling your dog where to search?

  • Insist on a trained formal response?

  • Never pair your searches anymore (or never did) because the dog knows its job and that's luring?

  • Make your dog sit at the start line, regardless of who they are?

  • Like your dog's energy coming to and during the search?

If you answered yes to most of the above, then this seminar probably isn't for you.


If you:

  • Are open to pairing;

  • Would like to see more joy, confidence, and independence in your dog;

  • Are willing to reward your dog just for being right;

  • Want to shore up your foundation;

Then this seminar might be for for you!


In this working seminar, we'll look at some ways to increase your dog's motivation and enthusiasm for nosework.  We will cover rewards (value, delivery method and placement) and practice different exercises to build motivation.  The exercises are suitable for dogs on odour; handlers should be willing to work paired hides and will be encouraged to relinquish control to see how their dog works naturally. 

Sunday June 23rd


The Fast & The Curious

9am - 12pm

Speedy dogs can be a blessing and a curse. They are flashy but can be chaotic and inefficient, making their own and their handler's jobs more difficult. It can be challenging to think fast enough to keep up with your fast and furry teammate.


In this seminar, we will discuss different strategies to work with fast dogs; avoiding conflict and letting them be their glorious selves. 

Strategies may include:

  • Structure & start line routines

  • Exercises to help the dog be more methodical

  • Internalizing the search for the handler to react without thinking

  • Using video to review your searches


Dogs should be on odour, searches may be paired or unpaired.


Let's Be Clear. Are We Finished?

1pm - 4pm

In higher levels of competition in several organizations, handlers encounter searches with unknown numbers of hides, from 0 to 4. It becomes a handler's game to be able to read what their canine teammate is telling them.


In this seminar, we will look at:

  • The anatomy of a search & sourcing

  • Look at video examples of different dogs in different phases of the search

  • Identify and discuss different kinds of changes in behaviour

  • Practice with dogs in a clear search area, with known number of hides, and then with unknown number of hides

  • Use of video to capture the dogs' communication


Dogs in working spots should be on odour, searches may be paired or unpaired.


Working Spots $100 +tax

Audit spots $60 +tax

All pricing is per person or per team (one handler + one dog) 

Meet Your Seminar Instructor:


Lia Bijsterveld

Lia Bijsterveld (AKA the OG) is a nosework instructor currently certified with the NACSW and has been teaching for over 10 years.  She is a scent judge for CWAGS, ABC Games, CDSA and the CKC, also serving on the CKC Scent Detection Council.  She has competed in 5 different venues with 4 different dogs with very different working styles and levels of enthusiasm, earning over 50 scent titles including versatility titles.  Lia’s current partner is the exuberant and enthusiastic Labrador, Rodeo who inspired The Fast & the Curious seminar.

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