while you wait services

Any age

*MUST have 2nd set of shots*

Sometimes your pup just needs a bit of help in between their grooms.

While you wait services:  

  • Nail Clipping   

   - Nails should be trimmed roughly every 2-4 weeks

  • Unlimited monthly nail package

   - this is designed for frequent nail trims(every 2-3 days) to help those pups             whose nails have gotten a bit too long, get back to where they should                be

   - this is also a great training aid for those pups who are not the biggest                      fans of the nail trims. bringing them into the salon frequently for                           positive experinces can help them to understand it does not have to                 be scary

  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking  

  • External Anal Gland expression

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Paw trims

   - paws MUST be clean and dry

  • Eye Trims

Length of time in the salon: 5-10 Miniutes 


Nail Clipping  $15

Nail Dremeling $18 

Monthly Nail Package  - $50

   Ear Cleaning and Plucking  $10-15

External Anal Gland expression $15

Teeth Brushing $10

Paw trims $10-15

Eye Trims  $10-15

All while you wait services MUST be booked in advance.