Types of Northern Noses Training

Here at Northern Noses, we want to make sure that you and your pup are as successful as possible. That is why we offer two different types of training 

both types use Positive Reinforcement but differ slightly in how we communicate with our dogs

R+ Training

R+ training or positive reinforcement training uses humane methods to help build up the methods of communication with you and your dog.

every dog can be trained as long as you have the right reinforcer.

with this method of training, we rely on the use of a verbal or physical marker and the timing, and placement of the reinforcement to tell the dog when they have reached the desired behaviour.

Clicker Training


Clicker training is R+ reinforcement training that employs the use of a click as the "marker"  to allow us to communicate more effectively with our dog.


With clicker training, we are able to communicate precisely which behaviours from our dog will earn reinforcement by using a consistent sound to “mark” behaviors and events that we like. 

Using the clicker instead of a verbal marker helps us tell our dogs more precisely what we are looking for which in turn further sets them up for success.

We currently offer both of these training methods in both Private in-person sessions at your home, as well as virtually