Obedience Training

Level 1 - Primary Skills

Level 2 - Secondary Skills

Single Skill classes

For Dogs over 6 months of age

Does your dog need a bit of a refresher on their manners?

Have you recently added an older dog into your family?

We can help give you the tools to get their manners on point, learn some neat tricks, and help you get that well-mannered family member everyone can enjoy.

Primary Skills - teaching your pup the foundations, and starting to get those foundations under stimulus control

Secondary Skills - Building on those foundations and taking your pups' new skills into the real world to help teach them how to listen and follow through with those skills around new challenges and distractions.

Single Skill Classes - These sessions will focus on the one specific skill you would like to work on with your pup, ex loose leash walking, barking, jumping up.



Consultation - $70/hour

Single Private Session -  $35/half an hour

Single Skill class set - $100 for 3 half-hour lessons 


Primary Skills:


Clicker training - $215

  • 1 half-hour how to use a clicker lesson

  • 6 half-hour training lessons

  • includes a treat pouch and clicker*

*If shipping is required YOU are responsible for the shipping cost of the treat pouch and clicker


R+ training - $175 for 6 half-hour training lessons

Secondary Skills:

R+/Clicker training - $175* for 6 half-hour training lessons

All Obedience Sessions are available in both in-person and virtual private classes

* Price is based upon the assumption you have already completed Northern Noses Primary Skills